Muench, S. et al.Towards a green & digital future: Key requirements for successful twin transitions in the European Union


Autorinnen und Autoren:
Stefan Muench, Eckhard  Stoermer, Kathrine Jensen, Tommi Asikainen, Maurizio Salvi & Fabiana Scapolo

Juni 2022

Europäische Kommission, Joint Research Center (JCR), Publications Office of the European Union

The European Union aims to be sustainable, fair, and competitive. To keep the planet liveable and seize economic opportunities, the European Union is engaging in a swift and inclusive transition towards environmentally sustainable lifestyles and economies. The green transition aims to achieve sustainability, and combat climate change and environmental degradation. At the same time, the growing significance of digital technologies is transforming societies and economies. In the digital transition, the European Union aims to harness digital technologies for sustainability and prosperity, and to empower citizens and business. Successfully managing the green and digital 'twin' transitions is the cornerstone for delivering a sustainable, fair, and competitive future. There is no time to waste, and the twin transitions must be achieved together. To unlock their potential and to prevent negative effects, the green and digital transitions require a proactive and integrated management.

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