Just, D. & J. SwigertThe role of nudges in reducing food waste


David Just & Jeffrey Swigert

Januar 2016


Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, Volume 16, Seiten 215-224

Little work has directly addressed the potential to control food waste. This chapter focuses on behavioral nudges and their potential to reduce food waste and, in turn, implications for food security. Key methodological and definitional challenges that must be met to make effective use of interventions to reduce food waste are examined. Chief among these challenges are determining welfare measures that are robust to the behavioral anomalies and apparently inconsistent preferences observed under behavioral interventions. Targeted reductions in food waste can be significantly impacted by simple behavioral interventions either in institutional settings or within the home. Some evidence suggests that food waste is rampant not only in developed countries, but also among developing countries. Our findings highlight the need to create a research program addressing the behavioral causes of food waste both in developed and developing country contexts.

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