UNEP, GRIDArendal & BITThe little book of green nudges: 40 nudges to spark sustainable behavior on campus


Autorinnnen und Autoren:
United Nations Environment Program, GRIDArendal & Behavioral Insights Team


Nairobi and Arendal: UNEP and GRID-Arendal, Bericht

This book is the UN Environment Program's first on behavioral science and nudge theory, which focuses on human actions and how to change them, and was drafted with BIT The Behavioral Insights Team and GRID-Arendal. It contains 40 ready-made nudges – simple measures that make it easier to make green choices – which university campuses can deploy to encourage students and staff to embrace more sustainable behaviors. Nudging can be a powerful tool at universities, especially when deployed alongside strategies like decarbonizing and divesting from fossil fuels. UNEP will be sharing insights from the publication at the World Academic Summit with leaders of some of the world’s top universities.

The Little Book of Green Nudges contains evidence-based guidance on implementing nudges, centered around techniques such as resetting default options, changing the framing of choices, and harnessing social influence. It also includes case studies of nudging interventions rolled out at universities from Thailand to Kenya, Finland and Colombia.

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