FCAThe financial lives of consumers across the UK – Key findings from the FCA’s Financial Lives Survey 2017


Financial Conduct Authority

Juni 2018

FCA Financial Conduct Authority

The FCA’s mission is to serve the public interest through the objectives given by Parliament, one of which is to ensure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers. Our Mission 2017 provides greater clarity about how and why the FCA prioritizes, protects and intervenes in financial markets. Publication of the Financial Lives Survey in October 2017 followed directly on from the commitments made in Our Mission to be more transparent about the way the FCA works to serve the public interest, to understand consumers, their needs and the products they buy, and to deliver public value through regulation. The Financial Lives Survey 2017 is the first time the FCA has carried out a large-scale, tracking survey of consumers’ behaviour and experiences when engaging with financial services firms and buying financial products.

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