Samson, A. (Hrsg.)The Behavioral Economics Guide 2018


Alain Samson (Hrsg.) & Robert B. Cialdini (Einleitung)


Behavioral Science Solutions Ltd, ISSN 2398-2020

The field of behavioral economics, and behavioral science more generally, has gained considerable popularity in academia, government and industry over the last ten years. This is evident in the rise of new scholarly journals and conferences in the behavioral sciences, the success of popular press books, as well as the growing application of behavioral insights in governments and industry, including financial services. The annual The Behavioral Economics Guide, published on, has been at the forefront of these developments. The Guide seeks to bridge the gap between behavioral science theory and applications. Supported by both industry and universities from around the globe, the publication features introductions authored by renowned behavioral scientists, editorial content on important developments in the field, articles by practitioners working with behavioral insights, as well as resources ranging from an encyclopedia to postgraduate program listings.

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