Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security AgencyShifting the balance of cybersecurity risk: Principles and approaches for security-by-design and -default


Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

April 2023

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Technology is integrated into nearly every facet of daily life. Internet-facing systems are connected to critical systems that directly impact our economic prosperity, livelihoods, and even health, ranging from personal identity management to medical care. As only one example, cyber breaches have resulted in hospitals cancelling surgeries and diverting patient care globally. Insecure technology and vulnerabilities in critical systems may invite malicious cyber intrusions, leading to serious potential safety risks. Now more than ever, it is crucial for technology manufacturers to make Secure-by-Design and Secure-by-Default the focal points of product design and development processes. Some vendors have made great strides driving the industry forward in software assurance, while others lag behind. The authoring agencies strongly encourage every technology manufacturer to build their products in a way that prevents customers from having to constantly perform monitoring, routine updates, and damage control on their systems to mitigate cyber intrusions. Manufacturers are encouraged to take ownership of improving the security outcomes of their customers. Historically, technology manufacturers have relied on fixing vulnerabilities found after the customers have deployed the products, requiring the customers to apply those patches at their own expense. Only by incorporating Secure-by-Design practices will we break the vicious cycle of creating and applying fixes.

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