ACCCGreenwashing by businesses in Australia – Findings of the ACCC's internet sweep of environmental claims


Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)

März 2022

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Commonwealth of Australia 2023

This report outlines the findings of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission's (ACCC) 2022 internet sweep of environmental claims. It details the key issues identified in the sweep, and provides an overview of the ACCC’s planned work relating to environmental claims and sustainability.

Sustainability is a topic of critical importance both in Australia and internationally. There is significant community support for the transition to a Net Zero economy, and to solve problems relating to climate change, emissions reduction, and product durability and recyclability. Consumers are also increasingly interested in purchasing sustainable or environmentally friendly products. These sentiments are reflected in government commitments relating to emissions and waste reduction. The use of environmental and sustainability claims is also becoming more common in the marketing of consumer goods. However, there are concerns that a significant proportion of the claims made by businesses may be false, misleading, or have no reasonable basis. This is often known as 'greenwashing'.

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