FCAFCA Mission: Our future approach to consumers


Financial Conduct Authority


Financial Conduct Authority, FCA mission

The FCA Mission 2017, published in April, provided a framework for strategic choices. It explained how the FCA serves the public interest by improving how financial markets function and how firms conduct their business. It also explained how the FCA regulates to deliver good outcomes for a wide range of users of financial services – including individuals, businesses and the economy. When the FCA published its Mission, it was also committed to publish a range of documents that would explain its approach to regulation in more depth.

This paper is the first in the series, and explores the FCA's approach to regulating for retail consumers. It sets out the initial views on what good looks like for all retail consumers, and aims to clearly explain how the FCA will work to diagnose and remedy actual and potential harm, giving more certainty about the FCA framework.

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