Oehler, A., Höfer, A. & Schalkowski, H.Entrepreneurial education and knowledge: empirical evidence on a sample of German undergraduate students


Oehler, A., Höfer, A. & Schalkowski, H.

Juni 2015


The Journal of Technology Transfer, Volume 40, Issue 3, Seiten 536-557

In this paper, the authors examine the current state of entrepreneurial education and knowledge of German undergraduate students. In their empirical analysis the authors examine a data set which comprises responses of 386 undergraduate students and which is not biased by program-specific effects. They analyze students’ understanding of aspects that play a crucial role in business start-ups in order to identify gaps in knowledge and relevant competences.

The authors find evidence that the students evaluate schools’ imparting of relevant knowledge for entrepreneurs as rather moderate. Their findings indicate that students’ age, their general level of entrepreneurship-related knowledge, their ambition to become entrepreneurs, the share of relevant material taught in school as well as the assessment of the transfer of competence by the school attended before the bachelors program substantially influence the gaps in knowledge and competences. Based on the findings about the current state of entrepreneurial knowledge and education in Germany, the authors discuss implications for relevant stakeholders.

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