Thøgersen, J. & H. NohlenConsumer understanding of origin labelling on food packaging and its impact on consumer product evaluation and choices: A systematic literature review


Autoren und Autorinnen:
John Thøgersen & Hannah Nohlen


Publications Office of the European Union, Luxembourg, JRC126893

The purpose of this project is to systematically review and synthesize empirical research regarding why consumers consider the origin of the food important, how and why it influences consumers’ choices, or how and why consumers do or do not understand, interpret and trust information on the origin of food. The specific objectives were expressed in three research questions:

  1. Does the origin of a food influence purchase decisions and consumption, and if so, how?
  2. Why do consumers find it important to know the origin of the foods they purchase or consume?
  3. How do consumers understand and interpret information on the origin of food?

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