CIConsumer IoT – Trust by design guidelines 2019


Consumers International

Februar 2019

Consumers International, guidelines and checklists

Consumer applications in the Internet of Things can bring many benefits to people around the world such as greater convenience, more streamlined services and better information to help with decision making – not to mention the fun and enjoyment of connected products. However, as with all new technologies, there are things that consumers do, or perhaps should, worry about like: poor security, how devices collect and use their data, how they can control what happens with their device, whether it can work with other connected devices – as well as simple things like who to contact when things go wrong or if support for a product is unexpectedly stopped. Many consumer IoT (or CIoT) products are coming onto the market with low levels of security or information about how they work or how to use them safely, which could erode trust and participation across this emerging market at a critical stage in its development.

This publication sets out requirements across six areas, to ensure the security, privacy, transparency, user-friendliness and ethical nature of smart devices. They provide useful, practical guidance to manufacturers, with case studies and checklists to encourage implementation.

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