CPRCConsumer Data Right Report 3: Vulnerability, capability, opportunity


Autorinnen und Autoren:
Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC)


Consumer Policy Research, Melbourne, Australien

The Consumer Policy Research Centre (CPRC) has been engaged by the Data Standards Body (DSB) to prepare a series of consumer research reports on how the Consumer Data Right will change the experience of Australian consumers transacting in the data economy. This is the third installment covering subjects identified as being priority topics by the DSB and CPRC, addressing issues that are of significance for government, industry and the wider community.

CPRC’s most recent data and digital consumer survey show that 97 percent of Australian consumers believe companies have a responsibility to protect consumers against their information being used in a way that makes them worse off, and 94 percent believe this responsibility is shared by government. A Consumer Data Right that supports the autonomy and wellbeing of consumers, works against exploitation of vulnerability, and which provides for both businesses and consumers to gain fair value from consumer data will yield a stronger and more sustainable reform than one which leads consumers to feel they have been misled or manipulated into outcomes they did not expect. The challenge of achieving this is significant, but the cost of not attempting it will be higher.

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