Gillis, J. & M. CooperConsumer attitudes towards the rollback and freeze of fuel economy standards


Jack Gillis & Mark Cooper

Mai 2019

CFA Consumer Federation of America

In the Consumer Federation of America’s most recent survey of public opinion, there is broad, intense and consistent support for federal fuel economy standards in all states and across all political orientations. Respondents who are Democrats (92 percent) and independents who lean democratic (89 percent) almost universally support the standards, followed by independents (72 percent). Even among Republicans, there is significant support for the standards with two-thirds (66 percent) of respondents supporting the standard. Over 12 years of public opinion polling by CFA shows that consumers have consistently supported fuel economy standards. Even when gas prices rise and fall, corresponding support changes only slightly.

The results of this latest research are particularly important as the Trump Administration implements plans to roll back fuel economy standards that have been in place since 2012 and are on track to raising overall vehicle fuel efficiency to 40 MPG by 2025. These standards, agreed to in 2012 by one of the most diverse set of stakeholders in regulatory history (car companies, environmentalists, consumer groups, scientists, and unions) are clearly achievable and will protect consumer pocketbooks, U.S. car sales, and the environment. As this report will demonstrate, there is no conceivable reason to roll back the standards other than to fill the coffers of the oil industry.

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