Boto-García, D. & A. BucciolClimate change: Personal responsibility and energy saving


David Boto-García & Alessandro Bucciol

März 2020

Ecological Economics, Volume 169, 106530

The authors study at the individual level the connection between actions to reduce energy consumption and beliefs about the personal responsibility for climate change mitigation. Also examined is the role of human values and differences between countries in shaping beliefs and actions. Using data from 23 (mostly) European countries, the authors find large heterogeneity in both beliefs and actions, with wealthy countries more likely to be concerned about the environment. Personal responsibility and efforts to save energy are positively but weakly related. Regarding human values, self-transcendence and openness are positively associated with responsibility, while self-enhancement and conservation are negatively correlated. Values are less connected to energy saving, with a relationship that is positive with conservation and negative with self-enhancement.

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