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Consumers International (CI)


Consumers International, Bericht

Digital Financial Services can empower consumers, everywhere. To achieve this, digital financial services must be inclusive, safe, data protected and private, and sustainable:

  • Inclusive: Everyone, including women and vulnerable consumers, can easily access affordable, reliable digital financial services. Services are designed to meet consumers needs and promote financial wellbeing. Consumer choices are underpinned by intuitive and inclusive design that builds financial capability. 
  • Safe: Consumers get maximum benefit from digital financial services and are confident that their money is secure. Accessible, simple, timely advice and redress is available when things go wrong.
  • Data protected and private: People’s identity and rights are respected. Digital financial services genuinely equip people with real power to control access to, and use of, their data. Safeguards and their enforcement protect people effectively from misuse and exploitation
  • Sustainable: Communities have a home to live for and a financial future to save for. Digital financial services drive climate finance and incorporate environmental impact considerations in all decisions. Sustainability impact is communicated to consumers and net zero aligned financial services are the default option offered.

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