Bauer, J. & L. ReischBehavioral insights and (un)healthy dietary choices: A review of current evidence


Jan Michael Bauer & Lucia A. Reisch


Journal of Consumer Policy, Seiten 1–43

This paper reviews the current evidence about behavioral insights in the field of (un)healthy food choice that can support the development of behavioral public-policy tools. It extends previous work on behaviorally based policies in health and food choice, both academic and professional. The core of the paper is a summary of reviews of behavioral insights-based interventions and the scientific evidence regarding their efficacy in nudging people towards healthier food choices. Overall, the authors cover 39 systematic literature reviews and meta-analyses published between 2010 and 2017. Additionally, the authors outline potential drivers and theories that could help to explain the mechanisms behind these interventions. The paper concludes with a discussion of the results and suggestions for policy-makers aiming to make use of behavioral insights in health policy.

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