Samson, A. (Hrsg.)Behavioral Economics Guide 2016


Alain Samson (Hrsg.)

Juni 2016 


Behavioral Science Solutions Ltd.

Since the publication of last year’s edition of the Behavioral Economics (BE) Guide, behavioral science has continued to exert its influence in various domains of scholarship and practical applications. The Guide’s host ( has grown to become a popular online hub for behavioral science ideas and resources. Our domain’s new blog publishes articles from academics and practitioners alike, reflecting the wide range of areas in which BE ideas are generated and used. We recently launched a new behavioral science job board which allows employers to advertise open positions and jobseekers to upload their resume. Our associated LinkedIn network, the Behavioral Economics Group, passed the 25,000-member mark at the end of 2015. The 2014 and 2015 BE Guides have become a very popular download and serve as an educational tool, a resource and inspiration to people in academia, business, and public policy.

Past editions of the BE Guide focused on BE theory (2014) and behavioral science practice (2015). The aim of this year’s issue is to provide different perspectives on the field and novel applications. This editorial offers a selection of recent (often critical) thinking around behavioral economics research and applications. It is followed by Q&As with Richard Thaler and Varun Gauri. The subsequent section provides a range of absorbing contributions from authors who work in applied behavioral science. The final section includes a further expanded encyclopedia of BE (and related) concepts, a new listing of behavioral science events, more graduate programs, and a larger selection of journals, reflecting the growth of the field and our continued efforts to compile relevant information.

Contributing authors: Rachel Abbott, Liz Barker, Dan Bennett, Zoë Chance, Richard Chataway, Sarah Davies, Sian Davies, Ravi Dhar, Pete Dyson, Gerhard Fehr, Varun Gauri, Vishal George, Tim Gohmann, Christian Goy, Eleanor Heather, Crawford Hollingworth, Moritz Jäger, Alain Kamm, Roger Miles, Ronald S. Mundy, Henry Stott, Richard Thaler, Emma Williams. 

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