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  News about ConPolicy

Discussion about new online offers beyond the State Treaty on Gambling
ConPolicy involved in online Federal Gambling Congress

On November 16, 2021, as part of the Federal Gambling Congress 2021, Behörden Spiegel invited participants to a discussion on "New offers on the internet beyond the State Gambling Treaty: Economic development and regulatory challenges". 
In this context, ConPolicy project manager and behavioral economist Dr. Annette Cerulli-Harms presented results from the study "Loot boxes in online games and their effect on consumers, in particular young consumers". The study was commissioned by the European Parliament's IMCO Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection from ConPolicy. 

The study examined different types of loot boxes, their behavioral effects, and the legal framework within which loot boxes can be regulated. Recommendations from the study included addressing lootboxes with consumer protection tools. This was again emphasized during the discussion with Behörden Spiegel editor Uwe Proll as well as the other panelists Dr. Ukrow (Saarland State Media Authority) and Simon Priglinger-Simader (Entain Group). In Germany, like in other EU Member States, regulation of lootboxes within the framework of the State Treaty on Gaming would be difficult and might not be very effective in terms of strengthening the protection of minors. In contrast, the regulation should rely on existing rules of consumer and youth protection, as well as media regulation. 

Further information on the study for the European Parliament can be found here.

New project on the organization of consumer protection in selected European countries
Processing of successful examples of consumer protection for decision-making on the future direction of consumer protection in Austria

On behalf of the Austrian Federal Ministry for Social Affairs, Health, Care and Consumer Protection, ConPolicy prepares successful examples of consumer work in the European environment. Using these and various participation formats, conclusions are drawn for the future direction of consumer protection in Austria.

Through the contribution of representatives of selected consumer organizations in the framework of the stakeholder workshop, the working methods of the respective organizations will be presented and discussed with stakeholders and politicians. Afterwards, a transfer workshop will be held in order to draw concrete conclusions for consumer work in Austria from the impressions gained.

Further information on the project can be found here.

Presentation on behavioral science insights to promote sustainable consumption in the circular economy
ConPolicy presentation at the expert dialogue 'Digitalization and citizen communication in the circular economy'

The expert dialogue "Digitization and Citizen Communication in the Circular Economy" of the German Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU) and the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) dealt with the question of which approaches and possibilities digitization offers for communication with citizens in various fields of action of the circular economy and which accompanying framework conditions are necessary.

In this context, ConPolicy project manager Marlene Münsch gave a keynote speech on the question of how insights from behavioral science can be used to facilitate sustainable consumption by consumers in various phases of the circular economy. Further impulses on digital marketing and youth communication were presented by Prof. Dr. Christian Schlereth (WHU) and Mareike Schemmerling (JFF). In working groups, representatives of municipalities, the waste management industry, and retailers, as well as experts in communication, then discussed promising approaches to digital citizen communication.

  Consumer policy news

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