Organizational consultingSupporting ING-DiBa AG in the introduction of a Consumer Protection Officer

Project period:
December 2017 – May 2018


Consumer protection is becoming increasingly important in the financial services sector. This results in the need for optimized internal and external interface management for actors in the financial industry. Also, increased internal awareness is important in order to seize competitive opportunities by proactively dealing with the subject of consumer protection.

While there is a multitude of legally standardized or voluntary agents (such as Equal Opportunity Officers, Data Protection Officers, Environmental Officers) for other cross-sectoral tasks in organizations, the cross-cutting issue of consumer protection does not yet have such a function.

As the first company, ING-DiBa has now introduced a Consumer Protection Officer. ConPolicy advised the direct bank in the design of this new function. In a systematic comparative analysis, first relevant parameters of functional design (tasks, rights, location within the organization etc.) were identified. These were then filled with concrete content for the Consumer Protection Officer.

The Consumer Protection Officer at ING-DiBa will manage all interfaces relevant for consumer protection and advise the organization on consumer protection issues.

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