Höfner, A. & V. Frick (Eds.)What connects bits and trees – Making digitization sustainable

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Anja Höfner & Vivian Frick (Eds.)

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oekom publishing, Munich

The "Bits & Trees" conference (2018 in Berlin) was the biggest symposium to date for digitization and sustainability. In this conference book more than 50 authors from the tech scene, the sustainability movement and development cooperations show how digitization can advance social-ecological change.

The articles examine the effects of our digital consumption in the Global South, the sustainable use of data or the risks and opportunities of a digitized economic system. The focus is always on the pressing question: What kinf of digitization do we want?

The different answers to this question make it clear that sustainable digitization must be geared less towards the interests of individual economic actors, but rather to the common good. Selected contributions from "Bits & Trees", numerous infographics and portraits give ideas for thinking and acting on how digitization can help to make the world a better place.

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