DigitalizationVoice command for Smart Home popular among German consumers

The digital association Bitkom published its new ‘Smart Home 2021’ study on voice assistants and other Smart Home applications today. According to the survey results, 65 percent of German smart home users already use virtual voice assistants to digitally control their Smart Home.

For this representative survey, Bitkom Research conducted telephone interviews on behalf of the digital association Bitkom in June and July 2021 with a total of 1,269 people in Germany aged 16 years and above, including 519 users of Smart Home applications. Topic of the survey was the navigation of Smart Homes.

These are further details:

  • 65 percent of Smart Home users either use stationary voice assistants such as Google Home or Amazon Echo or issue voice commands via their smartphone, tablet or smartwatch – compared to 52 percent in the previous year.
  • Among respondents, control via smartphone app was the most popular (87 percent), followed by apps on their tablet (49 percent) and 12 percent controlled their Smart Home via a smartwatch app.
  • 41 percent of people in Germany have connected devices in their homes. Out of these, 77 percent would prefer to connect and digitally control all technical devices in their homes. Almost three quarters (72 percent) said the Smart Home helped them to live more energy-efficiently, especially with regard to smart radiators and thermostats.
  • For a third (33 percent), the sustainability aspect of Smart Home applications was a purchase criterion, and almost all users (98 percent) would like to see clear labeling indicating which safety of Smart Home products.

Sebastian Klöß, Head of Consumer Technology at Bitkom, commented: "The Smart Home has become the main area of application for voice assistants. Recently, not only the fear of contact with voice control has decreased, but also the concern about hacker attacks, for example."

Source: Bitkom

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