New study for the European CommissionUsing behavioral insights to simplify chemical labels

Product labels on chemical products such as detergents, paints, glues or disinfectants contain important information. At present, however, these labels are often overloaded with information and the information displayed is poorly understood by users.

As a result, this new study commissioned by the European Commission shall evaluate how chemical labels can be simplified and whether some information can be replaced by digital labeling solutions such as QR or barcodes.

ConPolicy supports project partner VVA in the implementation of this impact assessment study through a pan-European behavioral experiment and consumer survey. The aim is to use behavioral insights to find out how consumers understand and appreciate the labels of chemical products and how they can be improved.

The 15-month study includes additional research and data collection methods. In the end, VVA and ConPolicy will derive different policy options for changing the current legal framework and assess the likely ecological, social and economic effects.

Further information on the project can be found here.