The Network of European Consumer Centres publishes Annual Report 2011

The Network of European Consumer Centres (ECC-NET) published its Annual Report 2011. The report shows that in 2011 more than 70,000 consumers received free help and advice. Furthermore, the report shows that:

  • The pattern of complaints throughout the last years remained basically the same. The transport sector triggered most complaints (32 percent of which 20 percent related to air transport services).
  • Online purchasing was the selling method which caused most problems for consumers (56.6 percent of complaints).
  • In 2011, more than half of the complaints were resolved amicably or passed on to other organisations: 41% of the complaints were successfully closed after the ECCs reached an amicable settlement with the trader and 13% were passed on to other organisations.
  • compared to previous years, ECCs increasingly promoted ADR entities (to help solve problems out of court): 62.5% of the complains transferred to other organisations or agencies were passed on to ADR entities (compared to 50% in 2009 and 58.5% in 2010).


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Source: ECC-Net