Grassmuck, V., S. Lucks & R. WeisTechnologies that promote or oppose digital sovereignty

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Volker Grassmuck, Stefan Lucks & R├╝diger Weis

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German Council for Consumer Affairs SVRV at the Ministry for Justice and Consumer Protection

Digitization and the global interconnection of communications networks present the deepest intersection in history since the industrial revolution. The coexistence of people, the entire economic sphere, the relationship between the citizen and the state as well as the relationship among the states themselves are about to fundamentally change. In order to describe the various problem scenarios as accurately as possible from the everyday experience of consumers, the approach of two contrasting future scenarios was chosen. The individual dimensions of digital sovereignty are developed from these scenarios. In addition, the present study deals with technical aspects that promote or oppose digital sovereignty. Focus areas include scoring, the Internet of Things, the problems of closed systems and the protection of particularly vulnerable groups of people.

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