DigitalizationSecurity aspects in online banking are becoming increasingly important to consumers

Today, the digital association Bitkom published the results of a representative survey on user behavior regarding online banking. Above all, safety is an important issue for many consumers. Eight out of ten users make sure that their screen is protected from the eyes of third parties when banking online.

For this study, Bitkom Research on behalf of the digital association Bitkom, interviewed a total of 1,004 people in Germany over the age of 16, including 735 users of online banking, about their personal user behavior when it comes to online banking.

These are further details:

  • The vast majority of 79 percent of respondents who used online banking said they were careful that no third party was looking at their screen during their digital banking transactions – in 2019 this share was still at 72 percent.

  • 44 percent of users said they keep the operating system and protection software of their end devices for online banking up to date. In the previous year, only 37 percent said this.

  • Between 2019 and 2020, the share of respondents who regularly changed their passwords and PINs for online banking increased from 40 to 42 percent.

  • The share of users who also do online banking on other devices at work or at their friends' remained unchanged at 41 percent. Compared to 49 percent in the year before, however, in 2020 only 41 percent used public Wi-Fi available in restaurants or at airports for their online banking transactions.

  • The number of respondents who have already given their access data to third parties such as friends or family rose from 19 percent to 24 percent between 2019 and 2020.

Kevin Hackl, banking expert at Bitkom, commented: "Banks have taken technical protective measures that make online banking at least as secure as traditional banking transactions. However, users should observe the current security rules so that third parties cannot, for example, spy out access data."

Source: Bitkom

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