ANEC et al.Securing consumer trust in the internet of things – Principles and recommendations 2017

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ANEC, BEUC, Consumers International & ICRT

Release date:
November 2017

Joint report ANEC, BEUC, Consumers International and ICRT

Consumer applications in the internet of things can bring social and economic benefits to people around the world including: more responsive services; shorter feedback loops; remote fixes; greater convenience; decision making support; better allocation of resources; remote control of services and insights into behavior.

However, there are some causes for concern: privacy and security; lack of transparency; complex liability; lock-in to products and systems; and an increase in hybrid products which erode ownership norms, leaving consumers exposed to remote contract enforcement, loss of control and the risk of devices becoming unexpectedly redundant if support is stopped.

The potential benefits will only be achieved if services and products can be designed with trust, privacy and security built in so that consumers feel they are fair and safe to use. Working together on the following areas will be essential to building a thriving and trusted internet of things environment for consumers.

Each heading contains the main challenges and opportunities for consumers in this particular area, along with a set of principles from which specific recommendations in terms of policy, standards, testing and business practice will be developed. 

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