ConPolicy supports call of well-known personalitiesSaving energy as the key to energy security

The war in Ukraine makes it clear that energy policy must change radically. However, this should not be primarily a question of which supplier countries will compensate for the loss of Russian oil and gas or whether coal or nuclear power should be used for longer than planned.

Instead, leading figures from science and civil society have issued a call for the implementation of measures to consistently and permanently reduce energy through energy efficiency measures. This involves a large number of measures that can be implemented in the short term in the areas of transport, heating, public buildings, industry, agriculture and digitization.

The advantages of energy sufficiency are obvious: energy sufficiency makes us more independent in terms of security policy, reduces CO2 emissions, is cost-effective and does not require compromises with states that disregard human rights.

The ConPolicy Institute supports this call. Further information can be found in the thesis paper and a material collection.