Witterhold, K.Refugees as consumers: Challenges and opportunities for consumer research, consumer protection and consumer policy

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Katharina Witterhold

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Competence center for consumer research NRW, Contributions to consumer research 8, pages 117–139

This article examines the need for support regarding refugees in terms of enabling them to act in their role as consumers within the German market. While studies on the need for counseling for migrants generally point to deficits regarding consumer competence and intercultural competence on the consultant side, the specific legal, psychological and economic situation of refugees raises the question as to whether special needs and requirements can be derived therefrom. Consumer research at the intersection between consumption and escape not only has to take into account the situation in the host country, but must also, as is shown in reference to the model of consumer acculturation, deal with the influence of factors on consumer behavior that precede escape or only occur simultaneously with it.

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