Environmental protectionPackaging register LUCID aims to increase the transparency of recycling

As of now, all companies that sell packaged products for private end consumers in Germany can register online at the new LUCID packaging register. As part of the new Packaging Act coming into force as of January 2019, manufacturers are to meet their extended product responsibility by bearing the costs associated with disposal and recycling of their packaging.

In addition to releasing guidance on recycling-friendly packaging designs and a catalog of packaging mandatory for systemic participation, the newly established foundation Zentralstelle Verpackungsregister has now also initiated LUCID.

Further details:

  • Manufacturers who are not registered online by 1 January 2019 may no longer sell their packaged goods in Germany .

  • Business and brand names of the registered companies will be publicly disclosed online via LUCID. Thus, consumers can also check to what extent manufacturers and retailers commit to their product responsibility in terms of packaging.

  • Registration and product responsibility are likewise required for packaged goods that are either sold online or at a stationary point of sale.

Gunda Rachut, Chairman of the Foundation Zentralstelle Verpackungsregister, commented: "With the early start of the register – four months in advance to the new the Packaging Act entering into force – we give all companies the opportunity to adapt to the new requirements. Especially small companies should be given sufficient time to implement the requirements of the Packaging Act smoothly until the official law comes into force."

Source: BMUB

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