OFT reviews price comparison websites and calls for improvement

Today the British Office of Fair Trading (OFT) published a report of price comparison websites. The report concludes that while these websites enable consumers to secure a better value when buying goods and services, some sites could do more to improve trust among the public.

As part of the review, the OFT conducted a websweep of 55 price comparison sites and found that a number of sites could improve their privacy policies and complaints redress procedures. It also identified scope for some sites to provide clarity about the way search results are presented, and clear identification of the business operating the website.

OFT Chief Executive, Clive Maxwell, argues: “Not all price comparison websites have the same standards and we are working closely with the Government and regulators to ensure that consumers are empowered to make informed choices. We hope this will improve trust and confidence among consumers who do not currently use price comparison websites, and who may be missing out on significant savings as a result.”


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Source: OFT