DigitalizationHow German consumers deal with digital technologies

Bitkom published the results of a representative survey on the use of digital technologies in Germany today. According to the results, a large share of consumers find it difficult to navigate confidently and independently within the digital world.

For this study, Bitkom Research, on behalf of the digital association Bitkom, conducted telephone interviews with 1,003 people in Germany aged 16 and above regarding topics such as smartphone use, data protection on the Internet and trustworthiness of online sources.

These are more details:

  • 74 percent of respondents say they could use smartphones or computers given that no technical errors or unexpected events occur – while 23 percent could not.

  • Almost two thirds install programs and apps themselves and 46 percent were able to identify and fix error notifications and technical problems on their own devices.

  • 57 percent set their privacy settings individually – 39 percent do not.

  • Six out of ten consumers consider their searches on the Internet generally successful – 37 percent do not.

  • Around half of respondents were confident enough to assess the trustworthiness of online sources.

Anna-Lena Hosenfeld, Bitkom project manager 'Digital for everyone', said: "The picture is divided. On the one hand, many people in Germany say they find their way around in everyday digital life, deal with media and technologies in a reflective manner and sometimes even solve technical problems. On the other hand, there is a large group that seeks orientation in the digital world, depends on help and is afraid to make mistakes. Everybody in Germany should be able to move with confidence and self-determination in the digital world."

Source: Bitkom

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