Fridrich, C. et al.Farewell from the one-dimensional consumer

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Christian Fridrich, Renate Hübner, Karl Kollmann, Michael-Burkhard Piorkowsky & Nina Tröger

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Springer VS, series: critical consumer research, 1st edition

This book constitutes the main volume of the publication series "Critical consumer research" which was found by the publishers. This series introduces a debate on approaches from different disciplinary perspectives and off the market-purchase-paradigm that hardly have been reflected upon until now. 

The growing focus on markets changes our society: First of all it makes people unilaterally market-dependent, secondly it induces all spheres of life to function according to this market logic due to the prevailing growth model and lastly it appears to accelerate the destruction of our basis for life. 

The content:

  • Basic considerations on critical consumer research
  • People in the working, consumption and media society
  • Which potential yields the trans-disciplinarity for consumer research and consumer politics?
  • Consumption in the focus of daily life economics
  • Consumer education in the context of a comprehensive socio-economic education
  • Sustainability and consumer research – a cross-over-attempt of intervention-oriented science

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