Consumer behaviorEuropeans support sustainability and data sharing in digitalization

Today, the European Commission has published its new Special Eurobarometer report, which measures attitudes towards the impact of digitalization on the daily lives of European consumers in the 27 EU Member States and the United Kingdom.

The Kantar network was commissioned with this survey and conducted face-to-face interviews with 27,498 respondents from different social and demographic groups in December 2019. Among other aspects, the interview topics included digitalization and the environment, sharing personal data, and disinformation.

These are more details:

  • Sustainability: About 8 in 10 respondents think that manufacturers should be obliged to make the repair of digital devices easier. 64 percent want to keep using their current devices for at least five more years and 85 percent are willing to recycle their old devices.

  • Data sharing: 59 percent of respondents would share some of their personal information securely to improve public services, such as medical research and care (42 percent), crisis response (31 percent) or public transport and air pollution (26 percent).

  • Disinformation: 71 percent of respondents say they encounter fake news several times a month or more often. Most respondents hold the media responsible for combating disinformation, followed by public authorities and social media platforms.

Margrethe Vestager, Executive Vice President and EU Commissioner for Digital Affairs commented: "The new survey confirms that Europeans are aware of new opportunities which digital brings to their lives. But at the same time, they also want better control over their digital identity and the way in which their data is used. Our strategy aims to make sure that we can fully reap the benefits that digital technologies offer to us."

Source: EC

More information and the Special Eurobarometer 503