Oehler, A. & Stellpflug, J.Discussion paper on welfare services in the digital world: Does the state take care or is it every man for himself?

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Oehler, A. & Stellpflug, J.

Release date:
December 2015

Verbraucherkommission Baden-Württemberg

The urgent question arises, why individual citizens should at all be held responsible for ensuring their own (IT-) security and basic protection of personal data and even invest time and other resources into this matter. Especially in the interconnected world, a common minimum standard would help to protect individual users from dangers and promote the acceptance and usage of digital products. Granting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and of the German Federal Constitutional Court, a minimum level of (IT-) security, protection of personal data as well as high speed internet access ought to be guaranteed by the state through welfare services, which together form essential parts for respective living standards.

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