Straßheim, H. & R. -Lea KorinekDifferent worlds of behavioral policy: Nudging in an international and transnational comparison

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Holger Straßheim & Rebecca-Lea Korinek

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Vierteljahrshefte zur Wirtschaftsforschung, Volume 87, Nr. 1, p. 81–91 

This contribution aims at a better understanding of the inter- and transnational diffusion of nudging as a subtype of behavioural public policy. It explores the reasons for this rise of behavioural public policies in two steps. First, the spread of behavioural public policy does not follow a uniform model. Rather, we observe ‘varieties of behavioural public policy’ in terms of both, institutionalization and policy areas. We identify four country-specific clusters of behavioural public policy (Anglo-Saxon; Scandinavian; Continental European und Latin-American). The diffusion of behavioural public policy, and of nudging as its most common form, takes place via the interplay between national and transnational networks connecting scientific, political and administrative actors. Second, the underlying mechanisms will be examined to a greater detail. In conclusion, three lines of further research are suggested.

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