Baumann, J. & J. Lamla (Eds.)Controversy about privacy in the digital age

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Joel Baumann & Jörn Lamla (Eds.)

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kassel university press

In times of digitization and networking, privacy is controversial and disputed. Not only for states, there emerge new monitoring possibilities, but businesses are also opening up to business models that question classical notions of privacy.

In this situation of reorientation, it helps to avoid attempts to define terms and instead to dive into the many controversies surrounding the future of privacy. This approach is followed by the BMBF research project "Cartography and Analysis of the Privacy Arena". In cooperation with the disciplines of sociology, jurisprudence, ethics and visual communication, political struggles about the importance and ethical as well as legal status of privacy were investigated scientifically and artistically. Among the controversies discussed are the political moments of technology such as cryptography, the democratic strategies against state surveillance in the Bundestag's NSA investigation committee, the unclear consequences of algorithmic reality generation by Big Data and the conflicting interests with regard to the introduction of a European Data Protection Basic Regulation.

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