Consumer trust in data security and privacy protection diminishes

A recently published study on behalf of BITKOM - Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media - reveals a diminishing consumer trust in data security and privacy protection.

According to the study, 80% of all German Internet users do not perceive their data to be safe on the Internet. This number represents an increase of 25% from 2011, where only 55% mistrusted the Internet with regard to data security. Especially public institutions suffer from the reduction in trust: Whereas 2011 only 40% expressed doubts concerning the safe use of their private data, this year already 68% did so. The industry only does little better: 3 years ago, 46% of the German Internet users said that they mistrust businesses in protecting their privacy adequately, this year the share rose to 64%.

BITKOM president Prof Dieter Kempf blames the NSA spying scandal to have shaken consumer trust and urges the industry and the German government to provide more technical as well as legal security on the Internet. Also, Kempf calls for more consumer assistance and training concerning the right protection of private electronic devices and applications on the Internet.


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Source: BITKOM