Event attracts great responseConsumer Research Forum 2020: Algorithms and consumers – Focus LegalTech

How can LegalTech contribute to better individual and collective legal advice and enforcement? What are the risks associated with using LegalTech? What (legal) prerequisites should be created to use LegalTech more effectively in the future?

These are the questions the Consumer Research Forum 2020 addressed today. Over seventy participants discussed with experts from politics, consumer policy, providers of LegalTech applications, consumer organizations and the legal profession in this virtual event

It was organized by the Consumer, Market and Policy Research Center CCMP at Zeppelin University in cooperation with the ConPolicy Institute for Consumer Policy Berlin, the Center for Consumer Research and Sustainable Consumption (vunk) at Pforzheim University and the European University Institute (EUI) Florence. Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun, Managing Director of the ConPolicy-Institute, moderated the panel discussions.