Schudak, A. & T. WallbottConsumer perspective on green electricity

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Annika Schudak & Thorsten Wallbott

Release date:
September 2018

German Environmental Agency, Climate Change 10/2018

This brief study was carried out as part of the "Market analysis of green electricity and guarantees of origin" for developing a system for proof of origin and electricity labeling. The aim was to gain knowledge about the status quo of electricity labeling as a means of consumer information when choosing green power as well as general attitudes of consumers on the issue of green electricity and the energy transition. The study shows representative results for the German population.

Core findings are that electricity labeling is unknown to the majority of German consumers and therefore not used to compare different products or suppliers. Nonetheless, there is great potential for an increase in the purchase of green electricity, the choice of which can also play a significant role in electricity labeling. Expensive prices and a lack of information constitute the identified barriers to green electricity.

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