European CommissionConsumer Condition Scoreboard – Consumers at home in the Single Market

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European Commission, Justice and Consumers

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Publications Office of the European Union, ISSN 2466-9679

The Consumer Conditions Scoreboard, published every two years, is the main instrument for monitoring the consumer environment across Europe. It looks at three main dimensions: knowledge and trust; compliance and enforcement; complaints and dispute resolution. Together these form the composite Consumer Conditions Index. The Scoreboard also examines progress in the integration of the EU retail market based on the level of business-to-consumer cross-border transactions and the development of e-commerce. Scoreboard findings are of interest to consumer and business stakeholders and to policymakers, at both EU and national level.

Scoreboard data is unique in that it can be used to compare consumer conditions across countries and across time. It informs a broad range of EU and national policies, with immediate relevance for consumer and single market policies (in particular the Digital Single Market). Moreover, Scoreboard indicators are correlated with key social, economic and governance indicators monitored by international organizations. This highlights the relevance of the consumer perspective across policy areas.

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