Digital SovereigntyConPolicy presents at Abida workshop

Almost daily new digital helpers are developed which simplify consumers’ lives. Nevertheless, the progressing digitalization also creates challenges. New technologies increasingly collect personal and even sensitive data to be saved and used by providers. Informational self-determination is a relevant topic to consumers, but in reality there exist obstacles that prevent consumers from exercising it.

At the Abida-expert workshop “Digital Sovereignty” on June 28 2018 in Kassel, Germany, solution approaches to guarantee informational self-determination for new technologies were discussed and recommendations for research, politics and industry were derived.

Project manager Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner gave a presentation on “One-Pagers and Privacy Bots: New approaches for informed consent”. The content of the presentation based on the results of the ConPolicy-report “Big data and smart living” for the BMBF-funded Abida-project, the ConPolicy study “Better informed?” funded by the BMJV and the BMBF-funded PrivacyGuard-Project at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences Berlin.