Consumer access and use of their own dataConPolicy presentation at the OECD CCP-Roundtable

On April 4, 2022, the OECD's Committee on Consumer Policy (CCP) organized a roundtable on consumers access and use of their own data. The aim of the virtual event was to shed light on how consumers can use their data to make better consumption decisions, the challenges they face in data use and sharing, and how policymakers and businesses can constructively support them with respect to data privacy, security, and portability.

In this context, ConPolicy project manager Dr. Sara Elisa Kettner gave a presentation on the challenges and expectations of consumers regarding their data use and demonstrated from a behavioral science perspective how data consent can be designed in a consumer-friendly way.

In addition, representatives from international ministries, public authorities, industry, and civil society contributed to the roundtable with presentations and discussion statements on best practices and innovative solution strategies.