5th annual conference of SPD consumer policy forumConPolicy moderates panel discussion on unions and consumers – Between conflict and solidarity

Low prices on the one hand, good working conditions and higher wages and salaries on the other: At first glance, consumers’ and employees’ interests seem to be at odds with each other. There are, however, realms in which their interests coincide: Consumers have an interest in safe products and a high-quality service and they are willing to pay for it.

The 5th annual conference of the SPD consumer policy forum addresses a range of questions, such as the relationship between consumers and employees, the extent to which there is a necessity to establish a new solidarity between them and how to implement this solidarity. ConPolicy-Director, Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun, moderates a panel discussion between Dr. Martin Beckmann (ver.di), Christoph Hahn (DGB), Marion Jungbluth (vzbv), Ulrich Kelber (Parliamentary Secretary at BMJV) and Sandra Reuse (Denkraum Arbeit & Journalist).