BDI-Forum Economy and Consumers 2018ConPolicy joins panel discussion on Corporate Digital Responsibility

Hate speech, influencing elections via social media and digital voice assistants arranging appointments at the hairdresser – opportunities and challenges like these raise questions regarding the responsibility of corporations with respect to their digital business models and products. On May 15, 2018 the BDI – Federation of German Industries hosted the Forum “Economy and Consumers” which approached these issues. ConPolicy-director Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun was invited to participate in a panel discussion on Corporate Digital Responsibility.

The discussion focused on relevant fields of responsible digital actions as well as examples from practice. Other panelists were Dr. Johannes Fechner, MdB, Dr. Dirk Förterer (Allianz Germany AG), Stephan Tromp (German Retail Federation – HDE) and Christian Köhler (German Brands Association – Markenverband).