Platform for Consumer Issues at the Center for Digitalization BavariaConPolicy-Executive Director Prof. Dr. Christian nominated as one of three speakers

In the year 2019 the Platform for Consumer Issues in the area of Digitalization was initiated at the Center for Digitalization Bavaria (ZD.B). The Platform aims at fostering the development and dissemination of consumer-friendly products, services and business models and contributing to a consumer-friendly political environment. To these ends, the platform contributes on the one hand to other ZD-B-initiatives. On the other hand, it works together with public and private consumer protection organizations, companies and academics. Privacy by design as well as Corporate Digital Responsibility will be two focal issues this year.

At today’s network-conference there speakers were nominated. In addition to Christin Eisenschmid (Executive Director and General Manager Intel Germany) and Prof. Dr. Dirk Heckmann (University of Passau) ConPolicy-Executive Director Prof. Dr. Christian Thorun was nominated by Minister of State Thorsten Glauber.

The speakers’ responsibility is to assist the work of the platform by means of their expertise and network.