KErn Science SeminarConPolicy discusses opportunities and challenges of nudging in the health and nutrition sector

At this year's Science Seminar of the Competence Center for Nutrition (KErn) at the University of Bayreuth, ConPolicy project manager Dr. Max Vetter outlined the opportunities of behavior-based measures such as nudges for health promotion. Under the title "Nudging: On the potential of effective interventions beyond homo oeconomicus", he emphasized that nudging can contribute to effective, accepted and evidence-based health promotion measures.

In the following panel discussion, Max Vetter continued the debate on the opportunities and challenges of nudging together with Prof. Dr. Hannelore Daniel (TU Munich), Dr. Kai Purnhagen (Wageningen University) and Marcus Otto (Association of the Sugar Industry e.V.).

An interview with Max Vetter on this topic can also be found in the section "Controversially discussed" on the KErn homepage.