Behavioral studies for better consumer policy
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Framework agreement with the European CommissionBehavioral studies for better consumer policy

Project period:
Januar 2016 – December 2019

European Commission – DG Justice    

Project partner:
London Economics, VVA Europe and Ipsos NV

Consumer policy today acknowledges the fact that consumers do not behave as homo economicus, but that their behavior is influenced inter alia by decision contexts, social norms or the behavior of others. Bearing this in mind, consumer policy is able to develop and implement more effective and targeted policy interventions.

Against this background, in 2015 for the second time, the European Commission announced a framework contract for the implementation of behavioral studies. A consortium led by London Economics, including ConPolicy, VVA Europe and Ipsos NV, has been awarded the contract for the framework agreement for the second time in a row and will be conducting behavioral studies for the Commission from 2016 on. The consortium will be supported by an expert panel consisting of Prof Lucia Reisch (Copenhagen Business School), Professor Hans-W. Micklitz (European University Institute), Professor Andreas Oehler (University of Bamberg) and Professor Dr Gerald Spindler (University of Goettingen). 

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