Paal, B. & M. HennemannABIDA report: Big data as an asset – Data and antitrust law

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Boris Paal & Moritz Hennemann

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ABIDA report, 01IS15016A-F

The big-data era brings revolutionary changes to traditional business areas and markets. In addition, some markets, such as search engines and other online platforms, have emerged only in the wake of this move. In this context, the data act as a central factor for business models and often decide on the economic success of the competitor. In the light of these circumstances, it is necessary to examine whether antitrust laws can adequately regulate these new cases. This report presents the characteristics of the digital economy and taking into account the various – sometimes conflicting – interests, action needs to be taken with regard to both union and national antitrust law. At the end of the analysis, the authors present possible options for action and regulation.

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