WBGUA European way into our common digital future

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German Advisory Council on Global Change (WBGU)

Release date:
September 2019

WBGU policy paper nr. 11

The new EU Commission President has announced a Green Deal for Europe. This can only succeed if the opportunities and risks of digitization are taken into account for a fundamental transformation of the economy and society. The WBGU is developing key elements of a European path towards a common digital future: In its cross-sectional sustainability policy, the EU needs an implementation strategy for the SDGs and an 8th environmental action program that use digital technologies for their goals and minimize their risks. EU digital policy should translate economic as well as environmental and social objectives and, for Demand data provision by companies and sustainability-oriented AI. Digital infrastructures and services should also be guaranteed under public law. Research and innovation policy should promote digital technologies strategically to achieve sustainability goals. In this way, the EU can play a model-building role in integrating digitization and sustainability.

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