BITThe Behavioral Insights Team – Annual Report 2017–18


The Behavioral Insights Team

Januar 2019

The Behavioral Insights Team BIT, Behavioral Insights Ltd.

This report is a summary of the work of the Behavioral Insights Team and its partners from September 2017 to November 2018. It includes highlights from the six BIT offices around the world – in London, Manchester, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Wellington. It also covers the growing portfolio of BI Ventures, products that draw on behavioral insights to make positive social impact.

BIT generates and applies behavioral insights to inform policy, improve public services and deliver results for citizens and society. BIT's track record of success expands across a range of policy areas, from healthcare to humanitarian aid. BIT's diverse portfolio of projects reflects the complexity of challenges that are addressed. These include results such as: Tackling tuberculosis in Moldova, better deals for energy customers, strengthening the Metropolitan Police against cyber attacks, encouraging sustainable food choices, earlier treatment for cancer patients, increasing public understanding of economics, boosting early tax returns in Indonesia, encouraging more trainee teachers to work in rural areas and helping businesses close the gender pay gap.

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